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Facts about Area Rugs

December 11th, 2011 · No Comments

Facts about Area Rugs

Area rugs are never made uniformly and there is difference in quality, material, size and almost in everything that is used to make them. There are so many different artificial and natural materials that are used to make these rugs. When you look into the history of this rugs making at, you will know that it has been there from past many centuries and with time it has been refined and evolved a lot. With time people have evolved the types of materials and these days, there is a huge variety in materials. In the past people used only wool for making carpets but these days there is silk, cotton and lots of synthetic materials. These new materials not only have revised the designing of carpets but these have also given us an affordable industry.

There are basically two material types for making rugs. You can either get them in natural materials that are attained from animals and plant fiber or there are synthetic fibers that are made with different chemicals. Popularity of natural materials is very high because they have been around from very start of this industry while synthetic materials are there for just few decades. Wool is the most famous natural material for making rugs and it can be said without any doubt that finest carpets are always made of wool. Wool is also expensive at the same time and you need good budget for affording a pure wool carpet. Wool is not very easy to spin and is made only in simple geometric designs. Synthetic materials are man-made and their core purpose was to increase the growth rate. These materials have also helped in lowering down the prices of rugs because natural materials are very expensive and at one point they became out of range for normal people. With synthetic materials, production has increased a lot and these materials are also being mixed with natural materials. This mixture gives birth to a new material that looks very natural but its price is almost half as of pure natural. Another advantage of these synthetic materials is that most of these are water and stain resistant for example nylon is both water and oil resistant. It makes them easy to clean and eases your task.

In the past rugs were just hand woven and this made them very expensive because it needs lots of concentration and time to make a quality rug. In the end of World War II man developed machines that can weave these carpets and it made a huge production increase in this industry. Although this increased production but still the importance and quality of hand woven rugs is same. People trust hand woven rugs more than machine knitted rugs. Even a person who has been using rugs in home for some time can tell by its touch that whether a rug is machine woven or hand made. You should keep these things in mind and know the best choice in terms of rugs because spending few extra dollars can always give you the best deal.

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