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Getting rid of bed bugs naturally

December 29th, 2011 · No Comments

Home­own­ers usu­ally don’t think of nat­ural ways to get rid of bed bugs, but there’s a good rea­son why you should con­sider it the next time you’re faced with these sleep invaders.

For one, it’s also where you sleep, so spray pes­ti­cides and harsh chem­i­cals are out of the ques­tion if you want to keep your mat­tress intact for a good night’s sleep. Sec­ond, these are not the best ways to get rid of bed bugs any­way. Read on to learn more about how to kill bed bugs nat­u­rally and with min­i­mal effort (for the most part).

Keep Your Home Clean

Although unsan­i­tary con­di­tions aren’t the only thing caus­ing bed bugs to flock to your mat­tress, they cer­tainly don’t help. Keep­ing your home con­sis­tently clean by vac­u­um­ing, wip­ing down the dust, doing the laun­dry, and free of clut­ter actu­ally keeps sev­eral types of pests at bay, not just bed bugs.

In the spe­cific case of bed bugs, wash the bed sheets fre­quently, includ­ing the pil­low cases and bed skirt. Or, change them out often with new, clean sheets that have been washed at least once since its purchase.

Unfor­tu­nately, bed bugs are not par­tial to mat­tresses; they have been just as widely found in sofas, cush­ions, and essen­tially any­thing cov­ered in fab­ric. For the things where wash­ing is either impos­si­ble or too labor-intensive, vac­uum them down with a noz­zle head attached to a high-powered vac­uum (even bet­ter if it’s the kind spe­cial­ized for fab­ric). Then con­sider fol­low­ing the next step: cov­er­ing it in a plas­tic sheath.

Cover It All in Plastic

This next tip takes the fewest num­ber of steps to get rid of bed bugs per­ma­nently. Although bed bugs are able to pen­e­trate through most types of fab­ric, plas­tic is one mate­r­ial that they can­not pierce through. In the event that you find bed bugs around your bed or liv­ing room fur­ni­ture, pur­chase a plas­tic cover to per­ma­nently seal bed bug entry to the sur­face. Of course, this should be done after an exist­ing infes­ta­tion has been cleaned out as a pre­ven­ta­tive mea­sure. Even­tu­ally, the bed bugs will real­ize there is a dead end and either die or move on.

Out with the Old, in with the New

This last tip is prob­a­bly the eas­i­est in terms of how to get rid of bed bugs, but to put it sim­ply, throw out what­ever has been infested and get new stuff to replace it. It can be expen­sive and it may not even get rid of the bed bugs entirely if the issue is stem­ming from over­all unclean­li­ness in the home. But if this isn’t the case and you’re not into the idea of sleep­ing on a layer of plas­tic, save your­self the trou­ble and buy a new mat­tress, sofa, or what­ever you need to ensure in the fullest sense pos­si­ble that the bed bugs are gone.

For more assis­tance on how to kill bed bugs nat­u­rally, con­tact a pro­fes­sional pest exter­mi­na­tor who may help you get a bet­ter idea on nat­ural pest con­trol meth­ods against bed bugs.

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