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Guidelines in Removing Dried Paint Flecks from Glass Balustrading

December 7th, 2011 · No Comments

Let us say you are painting the ceiling of the overhanging roof of your terrace. After the day’s work, the ceiling is finally finished. It looks great! But upon going down the ladder, you gasp in horror. Dried paint flecks have crusted on your beloved glass balustrading Perth system around your veranda. What are you going to do to remove these ugly and annoying paint flecks? Here are practical suggestion on how you can do that.

1. First, make a solution of water and dishwashing soap, vinegar, or ammonia in a bucket. Apply this mixture to the glass. If the flecks are recent, the solution should wash them away. Even if they don’t wash off, the solution will create a slippery surface that will prepare the glass for the next step.

2. Get a sharp, brand new razor. Hold the razor’s edge almost flat to the glass surface, and gently scrape the dried paint flecks off the glass. Make sure the razor is sharp. Dull, marred, or rusted blades can further scratch the glass surface. If you hear a coarse, gritty sound as you scrape, cease and check the glass for damage.

3. If the panel is tinted or mirrored, ensure that the tinting or mirroring side is not on the side that the paint flecks are on. That’s because in most cases, the tint or mirror is just a stick-on sheet. Scraping the flecks on the tint or mirror side will tear off the sheet. If the paint flecks are on the sticker side, then you will have to replace the sheet.

4. There will probably be small bits of paint residue left after you have scraped the flecks. Get rid of the residue by wiping it with a piece of cloth soaked with paint thinner or paint remover.

5. Get rid of minor scratches left by the scraping action by buffing the blemish with polishing compound or jewellers rogue. Toothpaste also works well.

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