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Natural and Synthetic Materials in Rugs

December 18th, 2011 · No Comments

Natural and Synthetic Materials in Rugs

While choosing rugs for long term use, you need to make sure that you know the features, durability and other features of the used material because almost every material has different attributes and every material can not satisfy your needs properly. Basically there are two races of materials and these two races are natural and synthetic materials. Rugs weaving are an ancient art and you must know that in the past, there were only natural materials for these rugs but these days man has developed lots of synthetic materials. These materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. The core purpose to create synthetic materials was to increase production of rugs and to make them affordable for common people.

When you look inside the synthetic fibers, you will know that they are made in big factories to make it cheaper and simpler. Unlike natural fibers, these materials do not need any cultivation or farming instead they are made in factories just as any other artificial thing. These materials are durable enough that they can work for you for long enough that you can replace them easily after that time period but they are never a permanent solution. Their price is also reasonable and this less reliability does not bother you much with their price. For example you take acrylic and this is a synthetic material that is mixed with some other materials to give a very wool kind of look but it is lot cheaper than wool. Polypropylene is a good material and very cheap. This is best choice when you need to choose a material in hurry. You can think of them as portable rugs because they are very light and you can carry them with you anywhere. They are made oil refinement and are great for temporary use.

Natural materials are always costly but they also give you a supreme quality and extraordinary sense of designing and style. For example when you take wool, you will know that wool is the most famous material throughout the world and it is preferred by 90 percent of people who use rugs. This happens because wool is very stylish and when it is mixed with cotton, it gives some really extraordinary styles and designs. It is being used from centuries for the same purpose and there is no alternate to wool. There are other natural materials like silk, cotton but no other material can replace wool. It is stylish as well as it gives you warmth from the winter season and protects your feet. Bamboo is another natural material and it is typically a grass. Usually it is wooden and is cultivated in china and japan. This is also a very popular natural material for making rugs. The specialty of bamboo is that it is not that much expensive as wool and it tends to be lot cheaper and affordable. These are some facts about natural and synthetic materials that are used in rugs but you need to make your choice according to your need and your own budget. 

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