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Regional Pest Management Strategies

December 19th, 2011 · No Comments

The following key principles were formulated following an internal review of the existing Regional Pest 
Management Strategies. They are based on feedback from landowners/occupiers and key pest liaison groups, 
knowledge of current pest issues at both the regional and national level, potential harm that could be caused 
by a range of plant and animal species, and changes in public attitude to pest management. The principles will 
help guide pest management policy within the Auckland region. 

1. The ARC will establish relationships within the community, e.g. with the general public, district and city 
councils, non-governmental organisations, retail and wholesale nurseries, to raise awareness and promote 
community leadership for pest issues. These relationships will be supported by surveillance programmes 
and their regulation where practical. 

Explanation: Promoting community awareness and ownership of pest issues is fundamental to achieving 
long-term goals for pest management. It is recognised that there may be times when regulation is required 
to ensure objectives are being met. 


2. The ARC will carry out control of low incidence, high-threat pests with the aim of eradicating targeted 
species from the region where this is technically feasible and scientifically sound. 

Explanation: There are a number of pest species that are currently at low enough levels throughout the 
region that eradication is feasible. These plants must be controlled prior to them reaching levels where it 
will be extremely difficult and costly to manage them.


3. Primary responsibility for management of pests and other harmful plant and animal species rests with the 
region’s landowners/occupiers. The ARC will provide advice and information to assist landowners/occupiers 
to carry out their own pest management. 

Explanation: Landowners/occupiers have ultimate responsibility for managing their own land. Clear 
messages need to be conveyed to the public on these responsibilities. It is important that 
landowners/occupiers see consistency of application of policy in relation to widespread pests. 


4. The ARC will carry out pest control where there is regional benefit on land deemed to have High 
Conservation Value; technical expertise is required; or to mitigate significant adverse environmental impacts 
on resources or communities. 

Explanation: In some areas there will be a benefit to the region if the ARC carries out control. This is 
particularly true of plant and animal pests where specialised techniques and control methods are required, 
or important values are at risk. 


5. Pest-free areas should be kept pest-free where this is possible. In particular, the islands of the Hauraki Gulf 
should be kept free of the animal and pest plants that are not currently present on them. The Council also 
recognises that islands and peninsulas offer unique opportunities for native habitat and species restoration 
and for pest eradication.


For more information and further reading, please be associate with these helpful links: 


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