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The Protecting Car Upholstery

December 28th, 2011 · No Comments

Stains and mildew on your car upholstery can make your car smell bad and look old. Most upholstery stains are the result of everyday spills and accidents. Applying protective agents to your car upholstery will help protect against future spills. You can bring your car to a car wash and have someone clean and apply protective agents to your car upholstery. However, this can be costly, and it’s more economical to clean the car interior and apply the protective agents yourself.
A new car is a pricey investment, especially with the average price of a new car at nearly $30,000. As with all investments, consumers should protect their automobiles. Pets and children have a reputation for not being the cleanest passengers, so taking steps to protect your new car’s upholstery is a good idea.

Things You’ll Need:
Car vacuumUpholstery cleaning sprayUpholstery protector spraySpongeCloth
1. Remove all the floor mats and vacuum the carpet thoroughly. Vacuum the door upholstery, under the pedals and under the front and back seats to get rid of dust, dirt and other small debris. Use the correct vacuum attachments when vacuuming under the seats. Vacuum and clean the floor mats separately.
2. Spray a high quality upholstery cleaning agent (see “Resources”) on your car seats, door upholstery and carpets to eliminate any stains and spills. Rub the cleaning solution into the seats, door upholstery and carpet with a sponge. Wipe them thoroughly with a clean, thick dry cloth.
3. Spray a generous amount of vinyl, leather or fabric protector after your car seats, door upholstery and carpet have dried. You can purchase vinyl, leather or fabric protector at any automotive store. These products help make your car upholstery stain and water resistant.
4. Clean and polish the plastic parts of your car such as the dashboard, central console and door handles after cleaning the car upholstery. Remove any stains with a moist cloth and small amount of detergent. Let dry and spray with plastic polish to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating.
5. Vacuum your car seats to remove dirt and debris. Use a fabric, vinyl or leather cleaner to remove any spills or stains on your car’s seats. Make sure you have removed all stains, spills and dirt before using fabric, vinyl or leather upholstery protector as it may set the stains for good.
6. Spray your car upholstery with fabric, vinyl or leather protector, available at your local auto parts store. The protector will make the upholstery resist staining as well as water damage. Allow the seats to air dry.
7. Invest in upholstery covers for your car seats. These covers fit over the seats, and can be easily removed and washed when they get dirty. If buying these covers isn’t in your budget, use a large towel to protect your seats.
8. Put window sun shades in all of the windows of your car on sunny days. These shades will protect the upholstery from fading.

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