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Buying New Pre Manufactured Homes

January 1st, 2012 · No Comments

While the market abounds in foreclosed properties that can be bought for well below their actual market value, few are enthused about having to settle for an old and possibly damaged home. For families that are looking to save on their next home purchase, but who don’t want to deal with fixing up an old home, they can take advantage of pre manufactured homes instead. Pre manufactured homes are built off site in a factory, rather than on the property itself. After completion of individual modules, they are then shipped to be assembled at the construction site. One of the advantages of having this kind of home built is the speed at which one can have a home ready to be occupied. Pre manufactured homes can be completed in as little as a few weeks, compared to the months it would take to build a home traditionally. And since they are assembled in a warehouse off-site, in a protected working environment, the typical delays from bad weather are not an issue.

Modular construction techniques have been around for some time, but the first modular homes weren’t altogether that attractive to home buyers. Over the years, the manufacturing process has been refined to a point where today’s modular homes are actually more durable in certain aspects than traditionally built homes. It is also easier to incorporate into modular homes green solutions, such as renewable solar energy systems that are pre built into the roof of any of the modules. Although modular homes are viewed as cookie cutter structures, you can actually have a custom modular home with a dizzying number of options for everything ranging from flooring, lighting, built-in cabinet and other storage systems, and even functional fireplaces. Any modular home can be modified to meet the needs and preferences of the buyer. And with the ability to customize every single detail, it is almost impossible to end up with a home one would not want.

Most people would prefer a brand new home, as opposed to a used or foreclosed property that would still require repairs before it could become comfortable for the family that is about to move in. However, the cost of buying a new home is often prohibitive, which is why families are considering secondhand homes in the first place. If you want a new home in Virginia, it is possible to buy one at a lower cost by turning to modular builders instead of traditionally built homes.~Of course, if it is a new home in Virginia you are after, you can hire a modular home builder, as opposed to a traditional contractor to build your next home.} Because the process is streamlined, construction costs are kept to a minimum, with a lot of the savings passed down to the customer.

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