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Cost Effective Ways To Increase Your Living Space

February 15th, 2012 · No Comments

Cost Effective Ways To Increase Your Living Space


When shopping for a home most people focus on finding a house that will meet their immediate needs. That is, they want a home that they can afford and that has the appropriate number of bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as the desired community areas. Finding such a home seems to be a perfect fit. But within a few years life can bring many unexpected surprises and changes into our lives – and very often, along with these changes comes the need for additional space. The problem is, for many people, moving is not always an option.

Fortunately there are some simple and cost effective ways to ‘get more living space’ without moving or building on to your house. One of the first things homeowners in this situation should do is carefully evaluate how they are using the living space in their home. For instance, some people use an extra bedroom for storage. Obviously, this is space that could be used as an office, a nursery, or a bedroom. It could also be used as a place to enjoy crafts or other hobbies or for kids to use as a playroom.

The point is, rather than simply storing unused items in the room, those things can be discarded, donated, or used in another part of the home. That will free the room up to be utilized in a better way. When the room is empty it is time to decide if you need to add a fresh coat of paint, new flooring, and or window treatments before moving in furniture and accessories. When the renovation is completed the space will feel fresh, clean and totally new.

Basements are notorious for being used as a ‘catch all’ space.  In most cases a typical basement can easily be transformed into at least one or two very nice rooms. Always begin by cleaning out the clutter in the space. And before you add flooring or wall coverings, be sure to inspect for moisture and or mildew in the basement. If found this must be eliminated before you proceed with any renovations. Next, you should determine how you will design the space. Usually a basement will offer some design options so carefully plan as you consider both, your current as well as any future needs.

Attics and garages are other areas that can be altered to create usable living spaces.  As with the basement, begin by removing any junk or clutter in the area. This will require a sorting process. You will need to determine what you want to keep. Then you can call the junk removal New Jersey relies on for professional services – call 1-800-GOT-JUNK?. The expert haulers will take part of the work off your shoulders as they will donate usable items to local charities and recycle other things.

About The Author:

Janie Fletcher helps homeowners reclaim living space that they already have. Fletcher says most people have more living space than they realize, the problem is the space is not being used to its full potential. She recommends beginning a project by cleaning out clutter. Fletcher suggests calling the trash removal NJ experts at 1-800-GOT-JUNK?.

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