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Overcoming the Difficulties of a Flat Roof

April 6th, 2012 · No Comments

Traditionally, flat roofs have been troublesome due to the poor drainage of water compared to a sloping roof. Extensions were often constructed with flat roofs to avoid blocking out light to

upper storey windows. However, the typical flat roof covering could cause water ‘pooling’ and would not have much resilience to extreme weather conditions. Read on to find out how you go about overcoming the difficulties of a flat roof.

Obviously, the more common pitched roof will provide good drainage of water and melting snow. It will flow into the guttering and drain away through the downpipes. With flat roofs, however, there is usually no natural drainage, causing water to settle in puddles and also trapping extraneous debris on the roof. This can and does produce eventual damage with the possibility of leaks and cracks.

However, there is a solution to these problems. EPDM rubber membranes have become amongst the best flat roof solutions, as this material has been developed to conquer these historic issues. As the traditional flat roof coverings would eventually tear or crack because of the sheer load of collected water and debris, EPDM has been manufactured to be exceptionally robust and is not vulnerable to any of those problems. Its properties have been designed to allow water to stand, freeze and then be heated by the sun, all without damaging the roofing material in any way.

EPDM is also immune to damage from birds, autumnal leaves and extraneous debris which can be blown onto flat roofs. It is also strong enough that people can walk on it without causing any damage, which is useful for example, if someone needs to access upstairs windows for cleaning etc. 

The rubber membranes are extremely durable. It has been used in the United States for over 50 years, and the first EPDM roofing materials are surviving and still protecting the roofs today. The installation process is easy which is desirable for people who do not want to be disturbed for days. Homeowners, businesses, contactors, installers and roofing companies all increasingly choose EPDM due to its durability, reliability and weatherproof properties.

If you are interested in a solution to your flat roof covering, EPDM is almost certainly the answer. Contact us today at to find out more about protecting your flat roof for the next 50 years.



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