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Which is the Better Option: Counterfeit or Not?

April 5th, 2012 · No Comments

A frequent issue for electricians in Reno is counterfeit electrical parts. It has been an expanding trouble in the electrical field for many years. It is also something that consumers have to be conscious of whenever looking for electrical goods. Circuit breakers, outlets, power strips and electrical cords are a few typical products that are commonly counterfeited. Purchasing counterfeit goods are bad for electricians, the field and consumers.

Every electrical goods utilized and distributed by electricians have met the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) guidelines. Underwriters Laboratories is a well known, independent firm with thorough testing standards for products. Counterfeit products constantly fail UL testing because of their substandard quality. The sub-par quality stems from the utilization of inferior components, poor construction and missing safety measures.

Many consumers are lured to obtain counterfeit electrical parts because of the lower prices. Even so, when consumers eventually purchase counterfeit electrical merchandise, they’re leaving themselves subjected to a number of risks. A great number of goods don’t work effectively. Furthermore they break very quickly. This cost consumers a lot of time and money. The counterfeit products may trigger fires due to their low quality. They also don’t protect people from dangerous electrical shocks and electrocution.

There are simple means for customers to recognize counterfeit electrical products. 1st will be the selling price. In case the pricing is much lower than what the product usually sells for, then that is a red flag. Goods that are cheap are often faulty or counterfeit. Second, there isn’t any warning label. Alternatively, the warning label will be wrong. There should be no spelling or grammatical errors on the labeling. 3rd, there isn’t any UL accreditation mark on the the labels or the accreditation mark is wrong. There are other telltale signs, such as bad packaging or the logos look wrong. A great way for customers to steer clear of buying counterfeit electrical products is to avoid buying electrical products from the internet or dollar discount stores.

People may purchase quality electrical products from electricians. They buy their products from trustworthy suppliers who’ve numerous safety procedures to get rid of counterfeit products. Big chain stores can also be an alternative as they likewise have their own safety and inspection processes. Buyers should inspect products thoroughly for any damage before buying them.

While counterfeit products such as handbags, clothes, or jewelry cannot kill, electricians know fake electrical products may. People might avoid avoidable danger and legal responsibility by researching and using quality electrical products in the home or business.




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