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Efficient Door Lock

May 8th, 2012 · No Comments

The traditional door that we use for our houses gives us lot of options for the security. There is always at least a single type of lock on them, but we can always install more than a one type of locks on them for safety purposes. But the modern day houses see the inclusion of sliding doors and windows. These inclusions are of course very useful because of the ease of handling and maintenance. But sometimes the user or the owners are concerned regarding the security offered by the sliding mechanism. They of course come with a lock system, but there hardly seems to be any scope for additional support.

Sliding Door Lock – An Option

When there are advancements, there are always backup plans for the same that are carried out by others. This is exactly what the scenario is with the sliding doors. People having sliding doors need not worry about burglary or entry of any intruders, all thanks to the innovative sliding door lock. The lock is not like the normal locks that we get. They are very easy to install, in fact most of them do not even need tools during the installation process. But they must not be taken lightly as they have the strength and the durability to undergo any attacks by intruders.

The sliding door lock is usually very small and they fit in nicely into the frame of the doors, thus making them hard to be spotted by the naked eye. This is where the unwanted access can be stopped. The installation of sliding door lock does not mean that the doors cannot be used normally. They can be used as usually, but when you are not using them, you can activate the sliding door lock and it ensures protection to you and your belongings. Thus all those people having sliding doors or windows in their houses can be tension free when they go out of their houses.

The Suction Hook Mechanism

Another minor yet very important problem that people face in their day to day life is misplacing of small things such as keys. This calls for usage of equally small things which would ensure that we do not misplace things and yet they are not all that expensive. The answer to such situations is the inclusion of suction hook. A suction hook is a very small device that has hooks and is based on the suction theorem. The suction hook removes the air from the surface that it is applied on and thus creates pressure, based on which they stick to the surface.

The most important fact of these hooks is that they can be used on any surface and yet they are equally effective. The installation is so easy that even kids can do the same. Once you have these installed at a place they are visible, you can use them for purposes such as placing your keys, light things or even kitchen instruments. These are easily available and are not expensive at all, so you can have as many of them as possible and keep shifting their positions if you are not happy with them. Thus they are a must have for any house.

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