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Flood Damage: Do it Yourself or Call the Pros

May 24th, 2012 · No Comments

Flood damage can ravage homes or entire neighborhoods, and the cleanup process may be an involved and complicated one. Is it something you want to take on yourself?

It’s a certain bet that nearly every household will encounter water damage at some point or another. Even homes in the top elevations may still fall victims to burst pipes or sewage backups, leaving the property underwater and costing a bundle to restore. Even as little as an inch of water masking your lower level can bring about considerable damage, the kind that can’t just be wiped up and dried off.

So you’re up to your ankles in water. What now? Is this one thing you can take care of oneself or should you pick up the cellphone and call for assistance ? before you break out the mop, ask yourself a few questions:

Is this a venture I can take on and have a fair chance of success? Am I even remotely certified to undertake such a substantial work? Can I see the process through, such as water removal, drying out, and cleaning and repair of all broken belongings ? Do I know where to search for water damage that might be hidden? Can I repair damaged flooring? Drywall? Sheetrock?

If the reply to even one of these inquiries is no, then get in touch with the pros. Water damage restoration is a lengthy and involved method, one which needs to be carried out appropriately the first time in order to avoid additional damage. Water damage is the gift that keeps on giving, and a lousy repair job will make sure that it does.

So contact the specialists, but until they get there, there are a handful of things you can do to stabilize the circumstance.

find the supply of the water and shut it off or block it. This prevents more harm from the initial leak, and it gives you an concept of the type of water you are working with, if contaminants are involved, etc.  If the spill is clean water from a broken pipe, you’re almost certainly okay, but if it is the result of sewage backflow, leave the location and wait for specialist help to arrive.

Shut off all gas and electricity at the supply, and don’t walk in any standing water while it is still on. If you can not securely access your electrical box, contact a certified electrician. It’s really worth the price.

Rid the damaged spot of as many loose things as you can. Furniture, appliances, and other valuables can be repaired and cleaned up elsewhere. Restoration technicians need an open, uncluttered spot in which to work.

To make certain your home receives the best doable care, get in touch with your nearby water damage restoration professionals. They exist for the sole function of getting the water out and returning your home or business to its first condition. They will also know where to look for harm that the rest of us would most likely neglect, effectively preventing long term subsequent difficulties such as mold from occurring.

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