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Match Up Of Rugs and Carpets

May 8th, 2012 · No Comments

What are the differences between a rug and a carpet? A rug is different from a carpet because it is usually woven in one piece and does not cover the entire floor, and is used for mapping floors or wiping out dirt in our feet, while a carpet on the other hand was originally used for covering tables, beds, and furniture. It is often used for matting floors or tiles. Nowadays, rugs can be used to decorate rooms to add style and elegance, enhancing the ambiance that you intend to set. It provides important point for your room’s design. Rugs normally provide warmth and comfort on barefoot. 

Rugs had been used since the earliest days of mankind, they use animal hides in making them. During those times, rugs also were woven from reeds, and it was considered as family’s possession. Researchers found out that it was the nomad people who first created rugs. During their time it was their custom to raise sheep. The wool of the sheep was used in making their clothing. In 1949, a Russian archeologist discovered the most remarkable find in the history of rugs, the rug known to us as “Pazyryk”. This was the oldest surviving rug in the history of mankind.           

Rugs and carpets have contrasting ways when it comes on cleaning them. Carpets have complicated ways on washing them. Most individuals prefer on calling cleaning services. Others use vacuums in their homes. While rugs can be washed with just water and soap. Here in Philippines we clean our rugs using a brush. But if you have expensive rugs in your home, brushing your rugs is not permitted, but vacuuming alone could not remove spills or stains. Using home remedies could help in eliminating stains such as baking soda, vinegar or a mild detergent. 

There are so many uses of a rug. In Muslim communities a rug or a mat is much important to them.  They use it to keep the worshipper comfortable, clean and warm. While carpets plays important role to interior designing, it is because it adds sophistication to the scheme of the design. However to some people, rugs are much more significant for it is more functional than carpets. We use rags on our daily routine. 

Rugs can make homes safe because it can prevent us from slipping. It can make us feel cozy and relaxed. It would act as a floor shield on our heavy furniture, by protecting against scratches and stains. Rugs can be moved easily to anywhere you want. However, carpets can also give warmth during cold seasons, not just your foot but your entire place because carpets can cover the entire flooring. It can be prevent or lessen noise and echoes. Carpets can trap dust properties and adds healthy environment. It is versatile because they don’t require even floorings and it could save you a huge chunk of your savings by preventing potential new floor treatments. 

With all of this lay out, we do have now a clearer thought on how a rug is distinct from a carpet. Use this knowledge to use both items to its full potential. So, what is it going to be, a rug or a carpet?


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