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Assessing the Value of Your Home for Sale

June 6th, 2012 · No Comments

In real estate industry, one of the many questions often asked goes like this: “How do I value my property accurately?” A lot of homeowners are naive with respect to pricing their property. They are very much concerned that perhaps they have underpriced their house and lose out. This scenario actually happens very often. However, before this circumstance strikes on your end, it is important to take into consideration these five needed notes:

.    One thing is, you need not forget that the real value of a property is what someone should be prepared to pay for.
.    Of course, it seldom happens that the initial price of a property when it was advertised is just the same with its actual selling price.
.    You may believe it or you may not, but real estate agents do not actually consider the value of your property. Placing an asking price on it is what they simply do.
.    When you sell your house through an agent, the final decision is still yours to make whether or not to accept the offer that is just exactly the same as selling on an real estate marketing website.
.    In most cases, the price you advertise for your home is not necessarily the price you obtain. While there can be a lot who are interested in your property, homebuyers will naturally bid the price upwards. Actually, you can test by yourself the marketability of your house for sale by getting it advertised online and assessing the response next. Surely it can make a difference in adjusting your price like instantly decreasing or increasing it by making some modifications in your advertisement live online.

In fact, there are several options available that can help you get a realistic valuation of your house.

.    Get help from the internet by getting your property accurately assessed by a surveyor online. There are real estate management companies online with certified surveyors who can advice and provide you with good quotes or reasonable price lists. They can also provide you an indication of an initial asking price.
.    Make some readings on your local newspapers and publications for similar properties in your locality to give you pricing bands.
.    Find some time to talk with the people in your neighborhood. Try to ask them if they just had recently moved in or perhaps they have recently had their property valued. They might be knowledgeable with a home down the street recently sold and maybe some similar properties currently for sale in their block.

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