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Decorating Your Restored Farmhouse

June 22nd, 2012 · No Comments

        As real estate continues to be the best place people can invest their money, more and more are combining their love and appreciation for antique’s and remodeling the past with their practical side for investing. Few things have the security of real estate…….. certainly not the stock market or mutual funds……as we’ve all learned the hard way. Unless you have your finger on the pulse of your stocks and bonds…… the likelihood is your financial future rests in the hands of someone who’s concerns might not always be on the same page as yours.

       That seems to be the reason for the burgeoning popularity of reclaiming and remodeling old farmhouses. Because there usually is a degree of remodeling that needs to be done and the price of old Farmhouses usually are more reasonable than something that has   already incurred todays astronomical square foot prices to construct.

       So once you’ve found your dream farmhouse, it’s now time to start creating the warmth and charm that Farmhouse style was known for. There are a few basics that all country farmhouse decor have in common……….an appreciation for old vintage furniture and accessories. Antiques that were used in farmhouses were above all, utilitarian in nature. No fancy scrolled iron beds that were popular during the Victorian Period. The beds that were used were simple understated and often considered Austere in their simplicity. For true farmhouse style, white chipped, crackled or distressed finishes that face of time and age yet strength of their origin are a good place to start.

      Exposed wood, particularly weathered and distressed with possible white wash finishes give the light airy look the old farms were known for. Primary colors are a definite no no. Stay away from them. Pastels of all colors work well amongst white rafters and hardwood flooring.

      All farmhouses had fireplaces that were the gathering place for the family after the evening meal. There were two types of fireplaces that are found in the old farmhouse. Beautiful old wood mantels, painted white with a slight degree of attention to detailed trim, columns and sometimes even beveled mirrors. The second style was the river rock style fireplace. These were usually built in farmhouses that had a nearby creek or river that the stones could be found in. A great thing to use to hold your wood near the fireplace can be an old wooden wheel wagon. These were used for gathering crops in the fields and other things around the farm.

      When doing your bathroom, always remember “claw foot tubs and pedestal sinks”. Anything other than them just won’t feel right. Another great thing to use is an old wooden ladder. Lean it against the wall and use it for a multiple towel rack. Find some old brass wall sconces ad possibly even a old distressed chandelier that was painted and been left to chip and peal.

      Your kitchen should be a throw back in time. There are a number of great companies that make, restore and retrofit old stoves for present day use. Some of them are white porcelain with soft green or soft blue trim. If you have the room for a small seating area, you might even want to consider a “pot-bellie” stove, that you can arrange overstuffed chairs around. Your kitchen should be a warm gathering place for guests and family to catch up on the days activities and to join in on the preparation of the meals. 

      The bedroom is a great place to display old quilts on antique iron beds, hand braided rugs on the floor and old lighting fixtures hanging from the ceiling. The bedroom shouldn’t be cluttered. Dressers should be simple in style and if possible white and chipped.

      Remember……. Farmhouse Style, if done properly, should give a feel of nature and the past and should also embody a peaceful place to recharge your batteries. 



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