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Do You Really Need Mineral Supplements?

June 10th, 2012 · No Comments

The Job of Minerals and Why You Require Them

Without getting minerals -close to every function in your body from aiding your immune system, to building your teeth and bones to helping your body generate energy would be impossible. And even a small imbalance of some minerals can have a significant impact on your health. Take into account what happens if people are deficient in iron,  it impacts the ability of their blood to move oxygen. If you see the term colloidal minerals, what it means is that these minerals are taken from plant materials.  Colloidal minerals are the most readily available to our body.

Due to the fact minerals are inorganic, they cannot be produced by the human body.  Instead, our only supply of minerals is via our diet and from supplements.  When you learn about any mineral or vitamin that is described as Essential – what essential refers to is the fact that they must be ingested. It’s not a statement of the importance or value, just where it comes from.

You will typically be told that if we eat well, we will be fully provided with all the nutrients necessary.  Perhaps that was once the case, but regrettably it isn’t the truth nowadays.  Modern farming has depleted the topsoil of minerals and they’re not available to crops or found in our food. This mineral depletion, mixed with the simple but sad reality that not many of us have diets that are close to healthy.  Actually, taking into consideration what goes into quite a few fast and processed food products, a very good case could be made that what we’re eating shouldn’t really even be called food.  Suffice to say that it’s hard for most North Americans to get adequate amounts of the essential nutrients. (Source: US Department of Agriculture Center for Policy and Promotion. Nutrition Insight 37, “Diet quality of Americans in 1994-96 and 2001-02. August 2008.)

Our Crops are Nutrient Poor

75 million years in the past, during the time of the dinosaur, the soil was filled with as many as seventy known minerals. These were taken up by plants and consumed when the plants were eaten. Then, the diet was filled with nutrients and minerals.

Since then, things like soilerosion and poor farming techniques have robbed our topsoil of its important mineral content and modern agricultural practices have continued to make the problem worse.  In spite of being able to produce triple the volume versus as little as 50 years ago, the nutrient quality of our crops is worse than ever. (Source: Davis DR, Epp MD, Riordan HD. Changes in USDA food composition data for 43 garden crops, 1950 to 1999. J Am Coll Nutr;23:669-82.)

Our nutritional needs have not changed, but our lifestyles and the sources of nutrients available to us have changed dramatically.  If you plan to obtain the nutrients your body needs, it’s just about impossible, without adding naturally derived and where possible, plant based supplements.

Beyond Tangy Tangerine – a vitamin/mineral supplement developed by Dr. Joel Wallach of Youngevity (author of Dead Doctors Don’t Lie) and CheriMins liquid minerals supplement are 2 excellent plant based Vitamin Mineral supplements.


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