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Your Simple Guide To Home Security

June 27th, 2012 · No Comments

It would shock most foreigners to know that most Americans don’t bother to even lock their windows let alone put bars in front of them. In fact, most people don’t even bother to get guard dogs. This is because most countries have much higher rates of home invasions than we do here. Nevertheless, I believe that one home invasion is too many. I believe this to be doubly true when it comes to my own house.

My wife won’t let me get bars on the windows or a dog for that matter, but this hasn’t stopped me from hardening off our home. I wrote this article to talk about some of the things I did for my home to make it safer. Go ahead and implement a few of the things that I did and your home will be much safer.

As you might have already guessed, I couldn’t do anything that would detract from the beauty of our home. I firmly believe that windows with bars are much harder to get in and out of, but I do agree that they are not very attractive to look at. As a result, I decided to buy some safety film to put over my glass windows. Safety film makes breaking through a glass window much harder.

Even when the invader does start his attempts at breaking through my windows, I’m going to be prepared for him. This is because I bought a great home alarm system. Finding a great home alarm system isn’t real difficult, but I do recommend you go with one of the recommended alarm system companies reviews. A good alarm system company is worth the money. They’ll make sure that as soon as your alarm goes off a professional is standing by to notify the authorities.

In addition to this, I can see who is breaking through my window because I have security cameras placed on the outside of my home. These cameras are great because I can see where the invader is coming in at. This will allow me to leave the home through another area. Sure I can stand my ground and defend my home, but why take the risk? My home owner’s insurance will reimburse me for anything that is stolen anyway. Besides, my wife always tells me that she is the most valuable thing in our home, so as long as I get her out safely I have nothing else to worry about.

I didn’t put all of my security features inside my home either. I made sure to take full advantage of security lighting outside. Motion detecting lights as well as solar pathway lights enhance the visual appeal of my property and deter criminals from sneaking up on my home. My hope is that criminals will see that my house is well lit and will move onto one of my neighbors homes. Hopefully they’ll rob that jerk Ted across the street instead of my house.

If you need some additional help on finding the right security system for your home, I highly recommend you check out top house alarm review. This website will tell you how to choose a good system and will help you save some money along the way.

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