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Chicago Smoke Damage Prevention

July 14th, 2012 · No Comments

Chicago is one of the top three most populated cities in the United States and it is the largest in the State of Illinois.  With this kind of statistics, it is expected that incidents like fire will come about.  As soon as you spot smoke, do not hesitate to contact the fire department simply because you never know what sort of predicament you’ll be dealing with.


A fire can start out anywhere and if you ever have an incident where the fire is out but smoke is still lingering inside your house, here are a few tips that could possibly help. The most apparent step to do first off would be to allow as much air into the room as achievable. Open up all the windows and doors. Putting up fans will help circulate the air also.


The worst quality about smoke is that it has habit to hang on clothing, carpets, upholstered furniture and draperies. The greatest thing to do when smoke damage Chicago is dealt with would be to call on specialist assistance. The specialists have chemicals that help separate the molecules of smoke in order for them to be eliminated. These chemicals are named counter reactants.


There are bunch of household materials you can use to assist clean up objects within your home. Mixing four to six tablespoons of trisodium phosphate with a cup of chlorine bleach and a cup of water will support the items that can be bleached to be rid of the pungent scent of smoke.


The most memorable fire incident in Chicago is known as The Great Chicago Fire.  It occurred in 1871 and the blaze lasted for two days.  It left close to 300 people dead, a hundred thousand homeless and millions worth of property devastated.  While it had been over a century, the ghastly image of fire burning properties and taking lives is often revisited in the minds of the citizens when fire incidents happen.


The smoke damage that occurred in Chicago is a wakeup call to everybody, everywhere. It is always better to be prepared for the worst, whether it is a fire, an earthquake or a flood. What matters the most is how you bounce back again from a disaster and begin living your life yet again.

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