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Do-it-yourself Home Security Tips For The New Homeowner

July 7th, 2012 · No Comments

When a person buys a home, they find out quickly that owning a home is a large responsibility. Homeowners need to mow their lawns, rake their leaves, repair their houses, and provide their home with enough security to make them safe. There are many new homeowners that can’t be bothered with their home maintenance. These folks simply hire outside people to do all their work for them. Other people enjoy doing their own work and never hire anybody to help them. This article was written to help the homeowner who has decided to take care of his own home security.

In this article I’ll go over a basic checklist of things to do when planning out your home’s security. I’ll talk about list of do it yourself home alarms as well as some of the basic things you can do for little or no money. Make use of the tips in this article and your new home will be safer than ever.

The first place a person should start with home security is the outside of their house. Take a look at the placement of the bushes and the trees. This needs to be done so that you can ensure that you are not making the ideal hiding spots for burglars. Bushes should be located far away from windows and doors. When bushes are close to windows they hide the criminal and give him more time to break in through your windows unseen.

After this, you ought to examine your current outdoor lighting plans. You’ll need to ensure that every area of your yard is equipped with home security lighting. This is a very inexpensive item that serves multiple functions. Even if their isn’t a security threat, it is great to be able to take the trash out at night without falling, and security lights will help you do this.

Once your yard is secure, go ahead and move into the inside of your home. Look at your windows and doors to make sure that the locks function correctly and that your door frames are solidly built. Sometimes people have great doors but poor door frames. Remember that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This statement applies to doors and door frames as well.

For addition door and window security, you can add bars or security film. This will help fortify any glass areas in your doors and on your windows that can easily be broken into.

Once the basics have been take care of, you’ll want to take a look at unbiased home security system blog. Security alarms are a necessity in today’s homes and they normally don’t even cost you any money to operate. This is because your homeowner’s insurance will most likely give you a big discount for placing a security system in your home. You’ll be safer and you’ll save money on your insurance, what could be better than that?

If you’re still looking for added home security, you can also setup some home surveillance cameras in and around your home. Just make sure that you put them up nice and high or criminals will just knock them down. Also, be sure that each camera is protected by another camera so that criminals can’t sneak up on a camera to pull it down without being seen.

Thanks for reading this article. Please enjoy your newly secured home.

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