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The Diamond Touch

July 17th, 2012 · No Comments

The Diamond Touch

Diamond is incredibly famous all over the world for its beauty. There would be hardly any soul that would not get touched by the beauty of this precious stone. But there is much more to this stone than just being used as jewelry. Just as it is famous for its beauty, diamond is also known for its strength. Diamond being the hardest existing material has found much more uses and benefits. The hardness property of diamond is being now utilized for purposes such as cutting. This property is of incredible help to lots of industries that involve hard or abrasive materials. It is not all that easy to cut those hard or abrasive materials as per our wish. This is where diamond proves its mettle.

Diamond Blades For Cutting

As mentioned earlier, it is very difficult to cut out the hard materials into shapes of our requirement. If that was not enough, it is even more difficult to find materials that can be used for cutting such hard materials. Such situations lead to usage of diamonds in more unconventional ways. This is the reason why instruments and machines started using diamond blades for better effectiveness. The diamond blades do not mean that the entire blade is made out of diamond as that would be incredibly expensive. But the blades, mostly the tips are made out of diamonds. This ensures that the difficult task of getting the abrasive and hard materials into shapes is reduced to being easy.

The diamond blades have found their usage in various industries such as the construction, IT and gems. In the construction industry they are used for cutting of concrete, brick, glass etc. The IT industry uses them for making fine cuts in the semiconductors. And the gem industry uses them for crafting several designs including cutting of diamonds. Thus the hardness of diamonds turns out to be of utmost importance. There are of course several types of diamond blades, the following being one of the most famous ones.

Diamond Dry Blades

Diamond dry blades are one of the kinds of diamond blades that have specific usage. This type, as the name suggests is used for any sorts of dry cutting. However one must choose the diamond dry blades very carefully for this purpose. The most interesting part about the diamond dry blades is that most of them can be used as wet blades, but it does not fit in otherwise. Some of the most common dry blades are the sintered diamond blades and the dry-use laser diamond blades. One can use the same for intermittent cutting and shallow cutting. This is where one has to be careful, as one simply cannot force their way into the materials with the help of diamond dry blades. It is also not advisable to involve dry blades with long time cuttings. Using them for some time and then letting them free for some more time allows the blades to be more effective and also cool down. The gap period depends on the material that is being cut, which varies from few seconds to few minutes. As per the requirements one can go for the diamond dry blades, which are indeed very effective for cutting purposes. 


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