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Unique Features of Modern Day Carriage Garage Doors

July 1st, 2012 · No Comments

Unique Features of Modern Day Carriage Garage Doors

The modern day technology has made the operation and working of the garage doors quite a commendable task. These garage doors are operated like any other automatic electronic device now. Carriage garage doors come with some modern day salient features that make them a very useful and important item for your house. Some of these features of garage doors are described below:

Remote Control: Not only your TV and AC work on remote but also your carriage garage doors. This feature has made the life of a driver lot more easier and comfortable. The driver may no longer have to get down from the car or use an assistant for closing and opening of the garage doors. These remote controls are small, compact and easy to use and use modern day technology for operation.

Safety Beam System: This advanced safety mechanism is fitted on modern day carriage garage doors that prevent the operating of the door in case of any obstruction in its path. This feature is very important in case of accidental opening or closing of the door that may cause damage to the car. This is a non-contact and a passive safety device for your car.

Finger Safe Design: Modern types of carriage garage doors have a unique safety design for fingers that will prevent the finger from getting entrapped while the door is being closed. This safety mechanism is now installed on almost all types of modern day garage doors and is just another way to bring peace of mind to your drive.

Designer Window Upgradation: This is one way by which you can add aesthetics and looks to your garage doors. Although most of the doors are made up of attractive designs, the style can further be enhanced by upgrading a designed window on the door. This will help you add a special touch to your garage and will also allow the entrance of natural light during the day time.

Large Clearance: The modern day carriage garage doors are provided with enough clearance space so as to allow the entry and exit of large sized vehicles. It is sometimes observed that too narrow doorway may cause the risk of damage to your car while it is entering or coming out of the garage. At the same time, narrow doorway may restrict the entry of bigger sized cars. To take care of all these situations, these doors now come with large clearance.

Sturdy Material: Most of the time, modern carriage garage doors are made up of strong quality durable material that can withstand the toughest of the weather conditions. The strong and durable material of the door is essential so as to enhance the life of the garage door. It must be remembered that money spent on garage doors is not really an expenditure but an investment. Hence you should always install garage doors made up of good quality material.

Auto-reverse: Most of the carriage garage doors are provided with auto-reverse feature and build-in timed courtesy that will enhance the safety of your car.The above important features of the carriage garage doors  make them a very useful and important part of your house.

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