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Environmental Benefits of Choosing Landscape Bespoke Furniture

December 7th, 2012 · No Comments

There are multiple aspects which have to be taken into consideration when it comes to choosing the correct outdoor street seating. The colour and form have to be suited to the environment and the furniture itself must fit the purpose it has been created for. All this has to also follow the safety guidelines and also be durable for the environment.  

Two main aspects have to be taken into account when choosing the correct furniture to use for outside. These are strenght and durability, the furniture has to be suitable for any environment but also be aesthetically pleasing to everyone who will 
witness it. 

Different materials can bring out different feeling in the public, materials such as wood can be seen as warm, beautiful and natural and can be coated in many different colours to enhance any outdoor environment. Other materials such as granite can be manipulated to any shape be it straight or wavy and the fact it can also be roughened to give it a aesthetically pleasing feel is also a benefit. 

 Some elements of your furniture can be completely invisible but you should make the best of the natural features you have 
such as ground covers which can preserve grassy areas. 

 The best design features in simple fittings such as fences and bollards are often at their most simple when the effects and 
linear repletion are. Even though they are simple they should have a large visual aspect where they can be seen easily and be 
highly noticeable and effective. The correct material to use for these would be granite which creates perfect geometrical 
shapes that enhance modern and classical designs. It could be left rough and heavy in order to bring out the natural feeling 
of stone. 

Benches are useful in any environment around the world and are used all the time, therefore they can overall be used to 
define a look in a certain environment, for instance straight and basic lines and styles will suit a more modern environment 
while if you wanted an older style of environment then you would use wood or cast iron for a more traditional style. 

The most important aspect of having a public piece of furniture, especially if it’s a bench it should have to be securely fitted and fixed,  The products must be resistant to any type of breakage and must be finished in order to prevent any type of injury being caused. It is also important the product is durable and includes a powder coating to prevent any type of corrosion. The piece of furniture must also be coated and finished so it needs the least maintenance possible. Plastics are a great source especially when they have been recycled and the benefit with these in coastal areas is that the air is corrosive 
 and would eat through steel. Whatever product you want though if you want landscape outdoor furniture then you want to try 
landmark landscaping as their furniture will benefit the environment in many ways. 

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