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Patent vinyl fabric for home decor

December 24th, 2012 · No Comments

Patent vinyl has a very nice shine to it that renders items like leggings, shoes, handbags, and even costumes stand out.  Patent vinyl, is the animal friendly alternative to leather, and is far more versatile.  Patent vinyl fabrics let individuals create fashion designs and accessories that stand out from the crowd.

Patent vinyl is not just for clothing and accessories, it is now utilized in the home.  Home décor options are becoming more and more avant garde and are allowing individuals to express themselves through the pieces in their homes.

One of the newest, coolest, and funniest options for patent vinyl is wall decals.  There are many custom websites that offer wall decals to persons who are looking for that little something to be placed in their walls, nonetheless, these wall decals in general are pretty expensive and are not made with patent vinyl.

Patent vinyl fabrics, however, can be a homemade version of these vinyl wall decals.  This allows you to customize the decals as you prefer them in the absence of restrictions from wall decal supply company.  Patent vinyl also made its way into other home décor options through bedding, shower curtains, place mats, sofas, and much more.

Bedding is usually made with cotton and satin fabrics, but patent vinyl is an additional option for those who prefer to have a more stylish bed.  Patent vinyl can be used to make a whole bed set of fitted sheet, a top sheet, and pillow covers.  However, one has to be absolutely in love with vinyl fabric in order to do this and be comfortable sleeping in it.

If you are less extreme, then patent vinyl can upholster a cute little throw pillow on your bed in a bright accent color in order to give the bed set some attitude.  Another way to integrate patent vinyl into bedding is to have your duvet or comforter cove trimmed at the ends with patent vinyl.

For example you could have a sued snakeskin embossed comforter cover with patent vinyl on the lower two corners, and the pillow could have patent vinyl on all four corners leaving the middle the soft embossed snakeskin sued.  There are a lot of different options to choose from when it comes to incorporating something as eye catching as patent vinyl.

Patent vinyl can also be used in the upholstery of the bed frame itself.  This vinyl fabric looks great as a head board material or in the event that you have a round bed, as upholstery for the entire bed frame.  Upholstery of beds is not the single place that patent vinyl can go, it can also be utilized on sofas and chairs to create leather look with no steep cost of leather.  This is ideal for a bachelor’s pad or a chic office; you too can upholster your office desk chair in patent vinyl to give it an outstanding look.

Another great alternative is to use the patent vinyl fabric as a shower curtain.  In fact, a lot of shower curtains available in the market today use some vinyl fabric.  Patent vinyl, however, would give a great sheen at the same time more privacy to the individual using the shower.

There are different measures in patent vinyl material, but in general it will be all one color.  Your shower curtain can be a design of anything from bright or dark colors, to a rainbow effect, the options are never-ending.  Other curtain options are not of the shower kind for patent vinyl.  As you can get a heavier gauge, patent vinyl curtains are great privacy walls or room separators for small homes.  It is not recommended to use on windows, particularly during hot season as the heat coming from the sum will likely discolor the vinyl fabric as well as heat it up too much giving the curtain negative effects.

There are a lot of different and great options for use of patent vinyl in both fashionable and funky ways.  Patent vinyl allows individuals to express themselves in other ways formerly unavailable to them by way of conventional fabrics.  Try it out and you might be surprised with the looks you can come up with.






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