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The Advantages of Polished Concrete for Your Home

December 22nd, 2012 · No Comments

Brushed or polished concrete is famous for its shiny appearance, however the material has a number of other advantages, as well. A number of concrete flooring alternative exist, but there are some concrete reasons to choose a brushed concrete surface over other choices for your residential or commercial building.

Excellent Durability
A brushed concrete surface is very durable as well as long lasting, making it an excellent value for the long run. Concrete is known for its durability, and brushed concrete is just as durable as other concrete flooring options. Brushed concrete is also easier to resurface compared to many other floors. If the brushed concrete ever does begin showing its age, you can refinish that surface for a fraction of the cost of installing a brand new concrete floor.

Low Maintenance Option
Easier maintenance is also an advantage of brushed concrete floors. While many other flooring surfaces need regular waxing and polishing, brushed concrete floors do not. There is no complicated or expensive maintenance for a brushed concrete floor to worry about, and it only means lower maintenance costs going forward.

Resistant to Tire Marks
A brushed concrete surface can be particularly good for garages, both residential and commercial. Brushed concrete floors are opposed to the tire marks that forklifts, trucks and cars would leave behind on a traditional garage floor.

A brushed and polished concrete surface is intended to meet, and frequently surpass, all applicable OSHA standards for safety. The polished concrete surface has a higher coefficient friction rating than any other coating, making it one of the safest floors you can install for your business.

Low Dust
Dust can be a real problem for conventional concrete floors. Over time, that concrete surface and start to chip and crack, and those chips and cracks can produce a lot of dust. Brushed concrete floors get rid of this dust, making the floor easier to live with and work around.

Water Resistance
Brushed concrete surfaces obviously resist oil, water and other contaminants. That makes brushed concrete an accepted choice for garages, workshops, factories and other workplaces that use oil and other chemicals.

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