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Lost Your Keys? Locked Out Of Your House? Make Sure To Call The Best Person

January 31st, 2013 · No Comments

It has happened to us all; you pop out to put the rubbish in the bins when all of a sudden you hear your front door slam shut behind you. Luckily for some, they own a spare key kept handy at their neighbour’s house. For some however, there is no spare key and for that reason no way back inside of their house.

So, when you’re in this situation, what should you do? The obvious thing to do would be to call a professional locksmith (see – Locksmiths in Southend ). However, not everyone opts for this sensible course of action. Alternatively, lots of people make the mistake of calling for the fire brigade.

It is a fact that firefighters are able to offer assistance in gaining admittance to locked cars or homes; nevertheless, a lot of people are mistakenly calling on the emergency services when they are simply locked out of their homes. Calling 999 instead of your local locksmith service will only result in wasted emergency services time – that might be needed elsewhere.

So, how can you tell what qualifies as an emergency in a lock-out situation? To begin with, any event in which a person is injured, seriously ill or in immediate danger is good cause for calling 999. For instance, if a small child or dangerously ill or injured person is locked within a car or home.

Losing your front door keys on the way home from the pub, nonetheless, is not a cause for calling the emergency services. If you do find yourself in a situation such as this, then this is a case for your local locksmith to handle (see – Brentwood Locksmith ).

Whether you are locked out of your home, in need of a spare key or have broken your house key in its lock – with the right call, a fast and effective locksmith service can be on its way to you. Many locksmiths offer a 24/7 emergency service, so irrespective of when or where your lock-out emergency you can rely on a fast solution.

Knowing who to call in such a situation won’t just help you to accomplish better peace of mind, but may save you from making the mistake of asking for help where it can’t be given. After all, if the fire brigade do sense that they are not being asked out to a genuine emergency, they will leave you out in the cold – wasting both your time and theirs.

So – who will it be in your next lock out emergency? Your local locksmith may not be able to offer you the engines and excitement of a fire brigade, but can provide you a fast and reliable solution to your predicament.

For more information on your local locksmith, see – Locksmiths in Essex .

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