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The Essential Guide To Turnkey Project Success

February 11th, 2013 · No Comments

Consistent and efficient communication between a client and their project manager is crucial to success. This applies even to projects that are considered turnkey. In a nutshell, turnkey projects are those that are entrusted to contractors by a client and this project gets delivered to the same client for use on their own operations once this is done. Once the project is completed, all the client needs to do is shell out the payment for it and the “keys” are handed to the client for use (hence the term “turnkey). This is where turnkey project management comes in.

Why are commercial interior design companies relying on turnkey project conferences to bridge the gap between contractor and client? For one, to discuss the crucial details and the whole outlook of the project. But most importantly, to foster a professional relationship based on trust that promotes a healthy collaborative environment.

It is a project manager’s job to make sure that they have a good working relationship with their client in order for both to effectively work towards a common goal. Problems will inevitably pop up once in a while, and with interior design companies in Singapore, as well as with other companies, it’s important that cooperation is evident for solutions to work. By applying the appropriate turnkey project management, a client can easily monitor projects in the works and make sure that these are done on time. These reasons alone necessitate the creation of open lines of communication between both parties – the client and the project manager.

One of the ways this can be attained is with the help of a “steering committee” that is composed of trustworthy individuals from both sides. Another possible option is regular scheduled conferences between these same individuals. Also, you can opt for written detailed reports, although face-to-face meetings should be a priority.

For turnkey project management, discussions are vital as the project progresses. Clearing out uncertainties and confirming requirements is a job for a patient and diplomatic contractor. Changes can alter not only the budget but also the project scope and schedule. Proper assessment is needed before changes can be implemented.

In the end, the success of a project and how smoothly things go is dependent on how well client and contractor relationships are established. The regular meeting between both parties should include the exchange of crucial information, progress reports and diplomatic evaluation of possible modifications.

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