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Future lifestyles Amidst Nature in Small Farms and Home Business

May 26th, 2013 · No Comments

Alternative lifestyles can help reduce expenses of livelihood and increase quality lifestyle at the same time. Part time small husbandry and part time home office with all your home . With a high percentage of self sustainability possible for all major needs in life, the remaining parts that need to be purchased or purchased from outside are very limited and are traded or exchanged for quality commodities or services made at home with your home.

Living in mother earth requires a self nourishing way of life . There is no supermarket or mall to go shopping. Most of true living’s need are usually made all on your own – missing items are traded in against values you make on your own. Living really is easy if all actively contribute and participate in real work.

Different fellows member of your home may have different pastimes or skills that may be used to produce quality items as additional revenue in freetime while having fun to do work. A listing of such products includes:

  • Carved wood furniture or art
  • Knitting
  • Home tailoring of custom made wearing apparel
  • Mend of mechanical items from watch fixing to cycle or mechanized vehicle reparation
  • Fixing services
  • Boat fixing and motorboats construction
  • Carpenter work for others
  • Flower woodlet to furnish flowers for local happenings such as marriages ceremony, etc. Conferences and shows related live in mother nature, living on a non urban , unprocessed horticulture, graft, bee keeping, etc.
  • Healing get togethers
  • Therapeutic activities
  • Giving music lessons
  • Surfboard production of custom made boards for surfing and windsurfing
  • Publication and World Wide Web publishing
  • Online teaching
  • Server controller and server management work
  • Guided mother nature walks to teach assembling and right use of healing herbs, production of flower essences, production of massage oils, etc.
  • Mother nature and outdoor activities such as adventure camps, river rafting, nature observation, etc
  • Mother nature picture taking workshops
  • WWW design and SEO courses
  • Guest rooms for weekend or vacation on a farm
  • Campground for visitors wishing to live in a tent while enjoying vacation on farm

All these are but a few examples of best income sources available to farmers. The full potential only depends on your true life qualifications and expertise.

Look at all your soil and numerous type of ground you have got. See if you have opportunities to develop exceptional luxury gadgets for visitors such as blossoms or pot plants, small quality fruit trees or young plants, seeds.

Append beauty and diversity to your farm. Add attraction that pleases the heart and soul for visitors or quests. Add a beautiful water lily or lotus flower pool with divine marine life, blooms and fishes. Certain water lilies can be used as delicious vegetable, lotus roots too have great vitamins and minerals in addition to the large lotus seeds or the lotus tea made of fresh lotus petals. Nature itself when cared with love is a treasure for herbal medicine and delightful and healthy foodstuff and adventures all at once. Open for God and accept God presence in your life for new ideas beyond your traditional farming manner .

Jesus love teachings will allow you to prepare find your way of life of passion into a loving future of reciprocal esteem resulting in reciprocal passion among all human race until we are again one family unit in God .

The reality that a farmer lives in mother nature makes his farm a potential source of supplementary revenue opportunities without the need for any extra investing in money . All you need is a few decades of life experience, skills and expertise in one or several topics for real world and or diversion.

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