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Help Keep Your Home Safe With Our Top 8 Security Measures

May 1st, 2013 · No Comments

If you worry that your house is under threat by a probable intruder, there are a wide variety of ways to prevent your home from being burgled (see Wickford TLF locksmiths). Our top 8 safety measures will help keep your home secure, even when left empty.

  • Security Tip 1: When you have belongings to store, be it cash, a Rolex watch, a Platinum ring etc. rather than hiding it away in the master bedroom, consider storing it in a guest room or maybe even your child’s room. Master bedrooms tend to be the first place a security alarm will look.
  • Security Tip 2: When installing a security keypad, be sure that it’s placed in a spot that remains out-of-sight from the doorstep. This will prevent a potential intruder from seeing whether your alarm is set or not.
  • Security Tip 3: If you want your front door to remain secure (see Brentwood TLF Locksmiths), a letter box can in fact weaken the security of a wooden door. By weakening the door, it can become easier to kick-in for forced entry. Rather than opting for a letter box, consider a mailbox instead, or consider installing a letter box in the lower part of the door. 
  • Security Tip 4: Don’t leave your keys lying around, especially at night. When you go to bed, put your keys on your bedside table or close to you while you sleep. If someone does attempt to break in, your car immobiliser could save the day. Just press the car alarm button, the alarm will sound and the burglar will scurry.
  • Security Tip 5: Plant thorny shrubs, such as rosebushes, underneath your ground floor windows. Not only will they help your home to look more attractive, but the thorns of the rosebush will act as a great deterrent to stop intruders.
  • Security Tip 6: If you have a holiday booked which means leaving your home unoccupied, ask a neighbour to check on the house whilst you’re away. If no-one is home, post can begin to build up and get stuck in the letter box or mail box. This is a tell-tale sign that no-one’s home and can enhance the chance of your home being robbed. Some burglars even place ads in doors to see how long it takes for the homeowner to remove them. 
  • Security Tip 7: If you have a telephone with answerphone, be sure to reduce the volume level before leaving your home for a long duration. Otherwise a passer-by may hear if and when your phone goes to voice mail.
  • Security Tip 8: If you don’t yet have a security system for your home, consider purchasing an alarm sign to place on your front door. An experienced thief may know this is only a ploy, yet a less-experienced thief could be put off entering.

For more information on how to secure your home effectively, see locksmith Essex.

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