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Why The Kiss is So Well Known

May 3rd, 2013 · No Comments

Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss is probably his most renowned piece of art from a very long and famous career and is also consistently in demand oil painting reproductions.  This particular work of art  was painted in 1907 when Klimt was 45 years old.  This is also viewed as  his Golden Period. It represents a couple, in various tones of gold and symbols, sharing a kiss against a bronze background. 
Behind the respectable individuality of Klimt was a man with a ferocious sexual appetite. He was really drawn with redhead women. It is no shock that the woman in The Kiss has red hair. In The Kiss, Klimt depicted a couple locked in an embrace. The rest of the painting dissolves into shining, elegant flat patterning. This patterning has clear ties to Art Nouveau and to the Arts and Crafts movement and also evokes the conflict between two- and three-dimensionality intrinsic to Degas artwork and other modernists.

It has been a long time challenge on who the girl in the painting is.  Many believes she is Klimt’s loved lover Emilie Flöge but  many people point out that she was a model called ‘Red Hilda.’ There is good visible evidence that she is the same model for the monet for sale, ‘Woman With Feather Boa’ , ‘Goldfish’ and ‘Danaë’.  There was also several who believes it was his nephew.  So many speculations, but not a thing is actually certain.

It was also viewed that Klimt’s initial artworks differed from those that he is now most widely known for. They were normally more traditional works based on more natural subject matter as an alternative to fantasy based portraits which started to be more frequent later on his career. The portrayals of female sexuality and sophisticated myriads of colour and boldness were combinations which appeared as he grew in power and confidence along with creativity. Like other artists, improvement came with experience. This came from his trips around Europe and also from his socializing with other Austrian artists in and around Vienna.
The Kiss is a discreet reflection of Klimt’s focus on eroticism and the freedom therein. The Kiss falls in line with Klimt’s hunt for gratification and the redeeming, major power of love and art. It is only one of Klimt’s masterpiece oil paintings from a career of recognized achievement and heritage.

There are numerous masterpieces that Klimt made throughout his career.  The most renowned ones are Beethoven Frieze, Adele Bloch-Bauer I, Judith and the Head of Holofernes, Mäda Primavesi, Death And Life, Tree Of Life, Mother And Child, Pallas Athene, Forest Birch Trees, Three Ages Of Woman, Music, Johanna Staude and so much more.


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