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Does Smoke damage Affect my piano?

November 9th, 2013 · No Comments

How the Smoke Damaged Piano is affected The piano is composed of assorted hardwoods, metals, steel, felt, and plastics. Humidity fluctuations even on a low scale represent instability in piano tuning, tonal characteristics, and overall consistency. In the event of a fire, intense dry heat is existing. As the flames are put out, the hot, humid smoldering effect takes place. It is not unusual to see a relative humidity issue as low as two percent at the course of a fire. The extinguishing method could simply exert the humidity level upwards of 150% or more. As the humidity level raises, the woods observed in the piano increase. The pores inside the wood collect or adsorb the various Bad odors. If the piano exist in the path of the air currents of driven smoke, the smells will then be driven deeper into the wood than that of free Suspended smoke. Other things inside the piano are porous and really susceptible as they adsorb smell bearing particles. The piano action for example is greatly affected . The felts of the piano action serve as natural wicks for odor, the metal parts corrode easily due to the acidic dynamics of smoke. The glue used are broken down making quite a few of the action parts very weak, misaligned, or totally unfunctional. Should rubber parts exist, they will probably become very hard and brittle. Oxidation discovered on the piano’s strings is not at all uncommon. The soundboard and ribs have been known to separate as well as produce cracks and pressure ridges. Structural damages partnered with offensive residue creates undesirable ramifications. What Do you do with a Smoke Damaged Piano? Do not touch the piano with your un-gloved hands. The smoke is very toxic and may impinge the touched areas as your finger oils react with the residue. If you must touch the piano, wear latex surgical gloves. Do not attempt to wipe and clean the instrument. Using the incorrect product(s) can and willcause undesirable results. Get in touch with your piano tuner/technician making him or her conscious of the nature and issue regarding your piano. appropriate assessment of the damages will help your piano professionals serve you in an expedient manner.

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